How we are responding to the covid-19 virus developments


The OTAQ Group of companies will, at all times, continue to follow UK Government guidelines on how to deal with covid-19. We have received advice from our insurers on the matter and will take their advice into account when making decisions on the operation of our businesses. With immediate effect, any employee exhibiting symptoms of covid-19 (as defined by the Chief Medical Officer of the UK Government) must immediately self-isolate and report this to their line manager. They must remain at home until given clearance to return to work by a medical professional.

The OTAQ Group Directors are taking this matter extremely seriously and continue to monitor the situation as it develops. We are in the process of instigating the following should it become necessary to do so;
• Wherever possible, we are offering client meetings to be “online” rather than face-to-face and avoiding any physical contact, such as handshakes in any meetings that continue on a face-to-face basis.
• We have identified staff and contractors to provide emergency cover for all of our key customer-facing and field support roles within the company should they be required.
• We are following all government guidelines with respect to international travel, isolation & hand-washing protocols. Business travel to high-risk areas has been suspended until further notice.
• We are suspending attending conferences in March and April that require travel, both domestic and international
• Employees are being asked to avoid public transport wherever possible & feasible.
• Hand sanitiser will be installed in all food preparation areas & bathrooms. Government hand washing guidelines will be displayed throughout the company.
• We will instigate deep-cleaning of all our offices should it become necessary. For example, an employee becoming symptomatic or being diagnosed will trigger a deep-clean of that office.
• Colleagues returning from travel, either business or personal, from a high-risk area are being asked to work from home for 14 days irrespective of symptoms.
• Stock rental assets will be stored in Lancaster and Aberdeen to facilitate our ability to supply customers should it become necessary to instigate home working.
• Any employee exhibiting symptoms associated with covid-19 or a cough, cold & sore throat will be asked to self-isolate for 7 days or longer as per government guidelines.
• We are preparing to be able to instigate home working should the situation require it.

We are confident that we can continue to support our customers in the coming weeks and months and that we will be able to provide the level of service necessary to maintain all operating equipment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on [email protected] or +44 (0) 1524 748080.