Celebrating 1 Year at OTAQ: Stephen Duncan Joins as Project & QA Manager


OTAQ Group is proud to announce the addition of Stephen Duncan to our team as the new Project & QA Manager. With over 30 years of extensive experience in the offshore industry, Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge and skills that make him a valuable asset to our organisation.
Stephen Duncan’s career in the offshore industry has been marked by his expertise in detailed product design, project management, and QA management. His unique combination of technical, financial, and business skills has consistently driven success throughout his professional journey.

In his new role at OTAQ, Stephen’s primary objectives and priorities revolve around promoting project excellence and driving company-wide improvements in all aspects of the business. He will serve as a focal point for harnessing his extensive industry experience to enhance the overall quality of OTAQ’s products and services.
Stephen Duncan’s vision for making a substantial impact in his new capacity includes understanding and developing key processes that underpin the delivery of OTAQ products and services. He aims to identify key areas for improvement and ensure that all projects he is involved in not only meet but exceed clients’ expectations.

When asked about his main goal, Stephen emphasised, “Ensuring all projects I’m involved with are successful in exceeding clients’ expectations is my top priority. I’m committed to driving quality and excellence in everything we do at OTAQ.”
Stephen ‘s decision to join OTAQ Group was inspired by the opportunity to be part of a growing and innovative business where he can truly make an impact. His extensive industry experience and dedication to improvement align perfectly with OTAQ’s mission and values.

Stephen Duncan’s appointment as Project & QA Manager signifies a significant step forward for OTAQ Group as we continue to excel in the offshore and aquaculture industries. We look forward to the positive contributions Stephen will make to our team and the value he will bring to our clients.
Please join us in welcoming Stephen Duncan to the OTAQ Group family. We are excited to have him on board as we work together to elevate our projects and quality assurance to new heights.

About OTAQ Group:
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