Cycling Event Tracking Contract with NTT


OTAQ, the marine technology products and solutions group for the global aquaculture, offshore energy and the sport and leisure industries, announces the continuation of its relationship with NTT Ltd following the award of a contract to deliver OTAQ’s bespoke precision tracking devices for a major cycling event in France. NTT Ltd is part of a £70bn revenue technology communications group.

The OTAQ trackers will be used to precisely monitor the location of the in-race vehicles and other support vehicles used by the race organiser.

The tracker technology was initially acquired through the acquisition of ROS Technology by OTAQ in November 2020, and was fully commercialised in 2021 through the development of prototypes and the completion of successful client field trials, culminating in the delivery of over 500 trackers for a major motorcycling event, also in association with NTT.  OTAQ is continuing its product development programme to broaden the applications for this technology.  The Board sees considerable market opportunities for OTAQ’s tracking technology, not only in the sports events sector but also in other industries where the monitoring and management of mobile assets can be critical.

Phil Newby, Chief Executive at OTAQ, commented: “Competitive sport is a fantastic proving ground for our technology to demonstrate its tolerance and durability.  This commercial contract follows extensive trials across differing environments and endorses our approach to developing the product suite for different applications and markets using our core technology. We look forward to continuing our relationship with NTT in the future.”

Tim Wade, Vice-President, Advance Technology Group at NTT, added: “OTAQ’s tracking device gives us very high precision tracking of assets without the need for costly additional infrastructure compared to the alternatives.  Accuracy is key in competitive environments where precision has a significant bearing on both the quality of the competition and its safety.”