OTAQ Group completes acquisition of Link Subsea Ltd


OTAQ Group, a UK based marine technology group operating around the world in the aquaculture and offshore energy sectors, announced today that it had completed the acquisition of Link Subsea Ltd.

Link Subsea are a leading UK based manufacturer of underwater connectors, penetrators and custom moulding solutions for the offshore energy, aquaculture, defense and nuclear industries based in Ulverston.  They have a very well established client list which they have been supporting since they were founded in 1997.  Going forward Link Subsea will be known as OTAQ Connectors and Joyce Newton will continue as operations director for the Connectors division.

Phil Newby, CEO of OTAQ Group said “We are delighted to have completed the acquisition of Link Subsea which is strategically very important for us.  As well as providing new product lines, it allows us to strengthen our relationship with our existing clients in Aquaculture and Offshore.  We are looking forward to working with Joyce and her team in Ulverston and we will start to consider possibilities for growth and expansion there.”

Tom Houghton, Business Development Manager for OTAQ Connectors said “In a rapidly changing market, OTAQ is well placed to assist its customers across a range of subsea and underwater connection products and services. With renewed confidence in the industry, 2019 is set to be a busy year for the Oil & Gas and Subsea sectors with demand for products and services out-stripping supply in many areas”

OTAQ Connector products and services will be available through both the Ulverston factory and OTAQ’s Aberdeen facility as well as through selected international partners